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Gentlemen Bastards’ Secret Sanza 2014!


Hello, fellow Bastards!

Yes, it is finally time! Today marks the start of the sign-ups for this year’s Secret Sanza exchange!*

How to participate:
I’m responsible for running this thing this year, so you can direct your sign-up messages to me via fan mail** on my blog (icons on the lower right corner)! Please include your e-mail address and any favourite things/characters (other than Jean, although you may of course mention him as well)!

Sign-up deadlines:

Sign-ups start today, on Oct 1st
Sign-ups close on Wed Oct 15th

I will draw the giftees on the 16th and inform the Sanzas accordingly on the same day.

Gift deadline:

Optimally, your giftee should receive their present around Christmas, so please please PLEASE try to mail them out by Dec 15th! I will do my best to nag all participants and keep reminding you of the time. The nagging will intensify in late November. It is a known fact that this fandom does not do well on deadlines, but we will try very hard this year, okay?


Any questions you have, you can address to me! I’ll also play messenger, so if there’s something you need to know about your giftee, I can do the asking so your identity will stay secret! :D

The gifts can be any sort of thing – art, fic, crafts, whatever you creative people can think of! (Last year saw quite a lot of beautiful crafts that needed to be mailed to their recipients, so there is a possibility you may need to share your address. In that case the only people who will see it are me and your Sanza!)

I’ve probably forgotten something, but just ask and I’ll tell you. Keep an eye on the tags too, and pop to chat!


*Disclaimer: I’m sure you guys get the pun but for super extra clarity – it’s Secret Santa and NO, we will not send you Sanza brothers. However, if you do have a Sanza brother you’ve kept secret and would like to send to your giftee we can’t exactly stop you.

**Fan mail because asks don’t necessarily come through with e-mail addresses on them! If you have any problems send me an ask about it and I’ll get you a third alternative.



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this post is the only one that has 12 million notes and it changes all the time. the flubber robin williams, the rogerina, the “reblog if you dont have a tumblr” and the dean winchester gym shorts is literally all the same post and you guys are astonished that it has so many notes every time a new version of it comes around

 (via zylaa)

Click on the notes, scroll down, click on a random reblog — it will take you to their blog and indeed. It is a different post. I found “Reblog if your vagina glows in the dark”.

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