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kammartinez replied to your post “Babies for sale!”

You seem interested in really dark dergs. I have three obs/obs/midnight Imps for sale: two females, one male :D. You want one of them?

They are not ALL dark! Have you looked at the rest of my lair? (Ignore Laishan, he’s on stud to me from shivertongue.) Lots of colorful dergins in there… >__>

Anyway, thank you for the offer, but I think two all-black dergins are all I need right now. :3

Babies for sale!


Fae male — iri/shim/crackle — midnight/obsidian/obsidian. 20k.
TWO Fae females — iri/shim — triple obsidian. 49k. Twin #1 and Twin #2
Guardian female — iri/shim — midnight/obsidian/obsidian. 8k
Spiral female — iri/shim — midnight/platinum/tomato. 7k
Skydancer female — iri/shim — midnight/silver/carmine. 9k

Willing to haggle and to accept an equivalent offer in gems. :)

EDIT: Added the Spiral and the Skydancer. 

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